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Joanne Goodman, Artist

I am an abstract fine artist who works with various media including my handmade papers which I integrate into my canvas and paper creations. I'm originally from the east coast and received my BFA in Computer Graphics from Syracuse University and have lived in California for nearly 25 years.


Looking back at my influences as a child, I loved colors, creating art, and playing games. These passions make their way into my current creations and process which is represented by my color choices, strong composition and layering qualities of my work. To me, my creative process is like a puzzle, needing to be worked and reworked. With my strong understanding of color theory and composition, I usually start with color and line while I build up layers with no preconceived images in mind. My hand-painted papers are layered into my creations to give each piece its uniqueness, and the use organic lines and mark making help move the viewer around the painting. Forms eventually begin to appear, textures come to life and I get transformed into the subconscious intuitively. My process is intuitive and at the same time a conscious effort helps the viewer see into my mind as I work through the many layers.

I am actively involved in many local art groups including: Los Angeles Art Association, Paletteers of the Palos Verdes Art Center, Experimental Artists of the South Bay, South Bay Artist Collective. 


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